SEO’s Keys to Content Marketing

With its latest algorithms, Google is opting more and more to drive SEO efforts towards quality, reader-friendly content creation. This in turn, compels marketers to do away with the traditional way of stuffing websites with little more than keywords and content that, in the eyes of the common reader, are all but incomprehensible. So what exactly makes quality content?

Content that speaks

In the outset, your content should speak to the target audience and not just to search engine crawlers. The quality of content should be relevant to the industry, whether the information directly promotes a business, or provides news or material that website readers and customers would likely find interesting.

Catchy headlines

Ever since the dawn of print technology, headlines have always sought to reel readers in, and today, the concept remains just as true. Link building and keyword creation are well and good, but a powerful headline in itself should effectively generate clicks, and thus improve site visibility.

Visual content

Search engines might not value media like photos and videos as much as they attend to text, but your readers sure mind the images you put out on your site. Ultimately, you’re writing content for them, keeping them interested by placing worthwhile images on your content. In the end, providing good content and service to your readers and customers are the surest ways to get them to appreciate your site and your business.


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