Top Internet Marketing Trends of 2014

The World Wide Web is constantly evolving, and the advancements concerning its inner workings are not expected to slow down anytime soon. As the changes come in, so do the trends involving related fields like internet marketing. Here are some of this year’s expected internet marketing trends explained.

Content marketing will grow bigger

By creating and distributing valuable content through a variety of channels, organizations are sure to capitalize on the effectiveness of content marketing – which, according to a study, produces three times more leads than traditional marketing strategies per dollar. By using such, companies are able to steadily build rapport with its demographic and attract loyal following.

Simple mobile apps will continue to captivate

Recognizing the mobile device boom, companies have been banking largely on apps like Instagram to communicate with their gadget-savvy prospective customers. For instance, Instagram currently has over 16 billion photos, with more than 1 billion likes given to users each day. This type of knowledge can be useful in the hands of an expert marketer. Other apps like WeChat, WhatsApp will continue to be popular.

Social media marketing will require more diversity

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are the biggest names on social media marketing. Although that’s not expected to change anytime soon, sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ are fast becoming effective social media marketing channels, and more are pouring in. With more choices at hand and much more to come, organizations will have more options to send their messages through.